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Can music change the world?

I'm a singer songwriter and have been writing songs for years.  I think songs can inspire people to change the world.

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New album soon!

Excited to say that I’ve just started work on recording a new album, which has a working title of “Chasing shadows”. It will include 4...

New EP due on 8th April

The EP will contain 4 brand new songs and will be available to downlaod/stream on all major digital platforms. I will post the links as...

New single out today!

My new single, This is the year, is released today. All profits will go to Alzheimer’s Society, so please share as widely as you can!...

New album coming soon!

I had started work on recording an album in the months before the first lockdown struck. It was going to be a mixture of original songs...

New EP available now

The 3 track digital EP is available now on the major music platforms - follow the link here

New EP on the way!

Exciting news - there is a new EP on the way, hopefully to be released on 19th March. It will include 3 tracks that I’ve written and...

Christmas single!

A few years ago I wrote a song called Christmas Prayer, and the video has been on YouTube for a while. But as the words still seem as...

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Thanks for your interest in Rebootresetreload. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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