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I write most of my songs on one of my two tenor guitars. My favourite is an Oddy Luthiers guitar tuned to GDGD; the other is a Gold Tone, tuned to C#G#C#G#. But my latest song, Reboot.Reset.Reload was written on the Fender Strat in the picture. This has the top and bottom E strings removed and the remaining four tuned to GDAD, a tuning often used for Irish bouzoukis, and also by Show of Hands on their Oddy Luthiers cello mandolins. The strings are a bit heavier gauge than normal to keep the tension right, and also to give a bit more depth to the sound.

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Excited to say that I’ve just started work on recording a new album, which has a working title of “Chasing shadows”. It will include 4 original songs and 4 or 5 covers. Watch this space!

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