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Can music change the world?

I'm a singer songwriter and have been writing songs for years.  I think songs can inspire people to change the world.


Guitarist or singer?

I suppose I always wanted to be a guitar player who sings, in the Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler or Rory Gallagher mould. Of course I pretty...

Instruments, tunings, etc

I write most of my songs on one of my two tenor guitars. My favourite is an Oddy Luthiers guitar tuned to...

It's not just me

I started thinking about this a while ago, which is why I wrote this song, Reboot, Reset, Reload. But lots of people are talking about...

Reboot. Reset. Reload

There's a lot of discussion about not returning the "normal" state that we had before COVID 19, but instead creating a "new normal".